Successful projects across a wide range of industries and applications

Here is a sample of the many projects we’ve done in Commercial buildings and Retail spaces, Industrial complexes, Food Processing Facilities, Healthcare and aging facilities, Hotels, and Residential properties.

Commercial and residential solutions using the latest products and experience technicians for proper installation on any building shell.

Whether it’s a retail store or industrial warehouse, new or in need of repair, the products and manner in which the products are installed are key to a successful project.

Food processing operations require special products and attention to meet USDA standards.  Our technicians are trained and in many cases, exceed the requirements.

The exacting requirements of senior communities and hospitals are welcome.

Mechanical joint preparation; repairing concrete floors in stores, warehouses and everywhere there’s a concrete floor with cracks.

Lifetime costs are minimized; the performance and aesthetics of properly installed sealants unsure full life of the caulk keeping the replacement cost less frequent.  All caulking requires tooling to assist in gaining proper adhesion.

Caulk remediation; the only way to repair failed caulk is to remove it and cut it out, which is exactly what we do.  Sid’s Sealants utilizes the latest techniques to remove and replace old or failed sealants. Never skim over an old bead of caulk.

Foam expansion joints; additions and lengthy structures naturally shift at different rates.  Foam expansion joints compensate for this movement.

Fluid applied air barriers; Striving to exceed industry standards with the latest equipment and training.  Exceeding AABA standards with frequent thickness testing and data logging.

Decorative silicone coating; applied a coating over leaky EIFS to prevent moisture from turning into dangerous mold.

Cement floors repaired with high strength epoxy solutions.

Traffic coatings and water repellents applied to resist salt damage to concrete.

Spray foam air barriers; urethane foams can be used as an air barrier and add insulating properties.